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Samantha Ye
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My Introduction

Maybe you’ve seen my work for local Colorado news or maybe you have no idea who I am (which would make sense…for now) — either way, welcome to my website! 

I’m Samantha Ye, writer of topics and fangirl of digital design. My work revolves around compiling and communicating information in ways that matter to others. I’ve worked the gamut of news reporting to Twitter posts, and really, I’m just getting started.

As someone who’s zealous about sharing the thoughts in my brain with your brain, I invite you to take a look around and see what I can do.

My Resume

My Ramblings

  • Economic Impact of COVID in Prisons
    Though mass incarceration and prison proliferation in the United States have been ongoing concerns for the nation, the Covid-19 pandemic brought a new urgency to the country’s imprisonment problem.
  • Nosh Northern Colorado: Dynamics of Food Delivery During COVID-19
    The pandemic has only tightened the tense dynamics between restaurants and the big delivery companies. And Nosh, the Northern Colorado company created by restaurateurs, is still angling to get their community off those larger apps.
  • The Shakiest Affirmation: Sources & Deeper Reading
    I started The Shakiest Affirmation in 2019 and refined it in March 2021 for my senior capstone. This post provides some of my process behind the project as well as sharing all the research sources I used.