About Me

This is my face from a slightly different angle. You can only find it here on this page. Congratulations on the find.
(Photos by Devin Cornelius)

Taking my audiences from comprehension to knowledge to action, I believe in transforming raw information into accessible content.

“Informing people” can be a nebulous career goal, yet there’s no better way for me to explain what I want out of life. Whether explaining policy, research, news, or services, I find my passion in telling well-researched stories that amplify what’s important among all the static in the world.  

I have years of dedicated experience in news reporting, feature writing, and public communications across a range of platforms. My B.A. from Colorado State University includes academic work in journalism, economics, and ethnic studies. This diverse skill set keeps me innovative and effective when it comes to sharing projects I care about.

Currently, I am working in communication internships and taking on the occasional personal project.