My Portfolio

My Coolest Projects (so far)

I am a huge numbers nerd, so when I finally had the opportunity to analyze my student paper’s analytics, I dove all in. 

This group report for The Rocky Mountain Collegian has us mining website visitation numbers for unique data patterns and conducting an audience survey.

In addition to discovering some fascinating data patterns about the newspaper, I did the data visualizations of our findings, designed and compiled the report, and contributed to final recommendations for the publication to use.

When the non-tenure track faculty at Colorado State University brought out the petitions for better wages, I brought out my reporter’s notebook. This reporting series was a five-month enterprise project I pursued so that the student body would better understand the fight their professors were putting in for higher living wages. 

My favorite part of this project are the custom graphics I designed in Illustrator. They help illustrate the drier portions of the topic by imitating a videogame and they are super cute, in my biased opinion.

SPJ 2019 regional finalist for in-depth reporting

The 2020 Black Lives Matter protests inspired many nationwide police-reform movements, but School Justice PSD may have been the biggest one targeted in my local area of Fort Collins. The campaign sought to remove police (also known as school resource officers) from the local Poudre School District. 

I am a graduate of PSD, so when I pursued the story, it was very meaningful to me. Over the course of two months, I interviewed the campaigners, police, and dug into district data and policy. 

The end result was one major profile of School Justice PSD and an accompanying data story about the district’s SRO program.