Information Design Portfolio

Collegian Analytics report

In a project for The Rocky Mountain Collegian, my team and I examined the newspaper’s website analytics, as well as the results of an audience survey we conducted, in order to recommend the best next steps for the publication to take. 

I did the data visualizations of our findings, designed and compiled the final report, and wrote up a chunk of the analysis.

Colorado’s 2020 Election Explained in 9 Graphs

SPJ 2020 regional winner and national finalist for data visualization

The significance of the 2020 general election had number nerds pouring all over it, and I was no exception. I rearranged Colorado’s voting data to reveal the unique story behind some of the results. For College Avenue Magazine.

The Shakiest Affirmation

This interactive web project is a comprehensive introduction to affirmative action in U.S. higher education. I started it in 2019 for a data visualization final in my undergrad and refined it in March 2021 for my senior capstone.